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About Global Directories

Global Directories is the largest local search provider and directory publisher in the Caribbean. Global is a wholly owned subsidiary of MediaHouse Limited, Hamilton, Bermuda and has been on the forefront of telephone book publishing for 50 years.

Global Directories has 17 print telephone directories with 1.6 million print circulation in over 30 countries. Our Yellow Pages are widely retained and used with 77% of adults across the region using them every year. Global Directories has 17 edirectory sites with 2 million visitors and 9 million searches annually.

Global Directories has offices in 8 Caribbean countries and sales agents in two additional countries that help serve the region in the best way possible.

Global Directories offers a wide range of print and online products for businesses to be found and chosen by consumers that are ready to buy. Anywhere a buyer is looking they will find our advertisers - print, online, mobile.

What Our Customerís Are Saying
ďDaytona Sales has been in Yello for over 20 years. We know itís effective, and when we tested it one year, we received 9,669 calls through a phone number that was only in our Yellow Pages advertisement. Thatís value for money!Ē
Daryl Fong-Kong
Managing Director
Daytona Sales Company

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