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Eileen Keens
Marketing Manager
Global Directories
Tel. + 345 814 1798


Global Directories is pleased to announce the launch of Yello™, a new Business Directory for Roatán, Utila and Guanaja. Yello™ is available in print, online and on your mobile phone, making this directory the first in its class in the Bay Islands as the information is available Anytime, Anywhere!

The launch of this new Directory represents an opportunity to connect people through commerce, building meaningful and enduring relationships that will strengthen the community socially and economically. At Saturday’s private launch held at the Parrot Tree Plantation Mr. David Roberts, Director of Business Development for Global Directories, thanked everyone who had been involved in this project, especially the Governor of Roatán- Mr. Shawn Hyde, the Major of Roatan- Mr. Julio Galindo and Ms. Ana Svoboda, President of the Bay Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industries. Mr. Roberts also thanked the business community of the Bay Islands for their support.”

The Alphabetical Listings as well as the Classified Business information can also be accessed online at or The Community Pages and Island Pages of Yello™ will be available in English and Spanish to ensure that the Spanish-speaking community can also take advantage of this informative tool.

“Our main objective is that consumers can find what they need, when they need it to help them in their everyday life through a seamless integration of print, online and mobile directories which is a gold standard that sets Yello™ apart," said Renzo Escalante, Regional Sales Manager for Global Directories. He also mentioned that Yello™ is more than just a Business Directory since it includes sections such as the Island and Community Pages that provide valuable information to both residents and visitors alike.

As a company Global Directories recognizes that we have an important role in the communities in which we operate, therefore we are providing the Bay Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industries with a check in the amount of US$5,000 that will go to assist with various projects and charities they support.

Corporate distribution of the new Yello™ Business Directory will take place, door to door, from February 28th through March 11th and for residents and the community at large will be available for collection, from March 12th through March 27th, at the following outlets:

  • o JD’s Supermarket – Oak Ridge
  • o BJ’s – Oak Ridge
  • o Sun Supermarkets – Coxen Hole & French Harbour
  • o Sun Service Station – Coxen Hole & French Harbour
  • o Bojangles/Pizza Inn – Coxen Hole & French Harbour
  • o Woody’s Gas Station – West End

For more information about Yello™ please contact Eileen Keens at:

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