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More and more consumers rely on electronic channels to find and choose goods and services. To succeed in business today, you need a strong mobile and online presence and the Yello eMarketing suite will help you do just that. Trust Yello to make the world of eMarketing simple, easy and highly effective for your business. Let the leader in local search put your brand out there where your customers can find you.

You know you need to get your business online so that customers near and far can find you easily. But where do you begin with the mind boggling array of techno ideas, applications and channels? Not to mention trying to cut through the jungle of jargon.

Well now your business can quickly get online with the Yello professional eDirectory suite of products. Choose from a range of online services that meet your budget and objectives, from basic web sites to mobile SMS campaigns.

Your Yello sales consultant will carefully review your business, your customers and your objectives to combine the perfect promotional mix. Get online with Yello and you’re really in business.

Banners, Tiles, Towers
Enhanced Business Profiles
Small Business Websites
E-directory Videos
Search Engine Marketing
Mobile e-Marketing

Banners, Tiles, Towers

Banner, tiles and tower ads are text and pictures typically placed on high traffic web sites. When a user clicks on any of these display ads, they are taken to your website.

Banner ads are largely anchoring or branding devices used to develop awareness of your company or your product or services.

Prominent positioning of home page tiles and towers is a cost-effective way to harness the power of the internet for your company. Over 9 million searches are made on Yello online directories annually.

Preeminent positioning on heading search results pages allows your potential customers to find you fast. Up to three banners and a maximum of 9 tiles are available at each heading.

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You’re choosing between two products or services, one offers you a coupon. Who do you go with? A coupon is a tried and true way to boost sales and beat the competition. And prospects will love grabbing one from your website.

Your Yello eCoupon is a great way to promote a specific product, stimulate new product trials and trigger sales. In fact, marketers are finding that online coupons are even more effective than print coupons.

The Yello eCoupon contains your logo, company name, contact information, the offer and offer terms and conditions. They are accessible from your eDirectory listing and print directly from the pop-up image.

  • • 68% of adults surveyed would use a coupon if offered*
  • • Coupons are a highly competitive brand promotion method
  • • Powerful incentive for your prospects to try you out
  • • An effective way to promote specific products or services
  • • Accessible from your listing on FindYello

  • *The Research Intelligence Group survey, August 2010

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    Enhanced Business Profiles

    Get your business to stand head and shoulders above the competition via the power of an Enhanced Profile Pages. Give your audience more of what they’re looking for with stronger branding, images, keywords, text and hyperlinks.

    Accessed from your listing on a Search Results pages, you can boost your online presence with up to 50 lines of text, complete contract information, links to images, videos and ads. Your logo will also appear in the listings on Search results pages, giving you greater stand-out than other businesses.

    With free keywords and greater content, you’ll help your customers find you more easily, and ultimately drive higher volumes of traffic to your brand or business.

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    Small Business Websites

    Finally, the web can really work for your small or medium sized business. And our team of professional web designers can make it happen on time and within your budget.

    Whether you choose a brand new, custom website designed and built from scratch or one from our massive collection of templates, you’ll get a site that helps to build credibility and trust for your brand.

    You’ll benefit immediately since your website is built Search Engine friendly from the get-go. The web team at Yello knows just how to make your site as efficient as possible to get you up the rankings and help you stay there.

    With Yello, the technologies, strategies and tricks that were once only available to the big players are now at your fingertips. Options in your website include:
    • • A unique design to match your business objectives
    • • Prewired for Google – SEO best practices throughout your site
    • • Your site submitted to Google, Yahoo, Bing and local engines
    • • Online contact form + built in blog
    • • Online shopping chart with SSL certificate
    • • Google analytics, unlimited branded emails

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    E-directory Videos

    Nothing showcases your products and services or your brand’s personality, like video. Add video to your website and you’ll see improved search engine rankings, visitor engagement and increased sales conversion.

    Video not only delivers a powerful show-and-tell component, but quickly creates an emotional connection between your grand and your target audience.

    Talk to your customer representative about how simple and cost-effective it is to create and embed video within your website. You’ll be impressed with how hard your video will work for your brand online, especially since it’ll appear not ony on your website, but also within your Yellow Pages Enhanced Profile, the SEM landing pages, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and more.
    • • Your video posted on Yello + YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.
    • • 144 million video watchers online (84% of the online population)
    • • 13 billion + videos watch online
    • • 101 videos watched per average user
    • • Average view time + 4.3 minutes; more than 7 hours per person

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    Search Engine Marketing

    When you want to find something online, you probably use a search engine like Google. With over 100 billion unique searches every month, you’re not alone.

    Search Engine Marketing (SEM) delivers sponsored ads to the results page that match your customer’s search request. One click leads them to your website or landing page where you can convert and trigger sales. Yello SEM puts your business on the Google results first page and delivers highlighted text ads to draw customers to your website.

    With Yello SEM, you’ll benefit from the skills of our leading Search Engine Marketing partner. Choose from SEM techniques such as Multiple ads, A/B testing, Long-tail Keywords, Landing Pages, Conversion Tracking, Bid Management, Analytics, etcNow with, Yello’s SEM’s Campaign Management and Bid Management software, you’ll boost your website’s performance to yield a steady flow of visitors at the lowest possible cost per click.

    Along with the correct technical and content features that boost your search engine rankings, Yello SEM provides real-time tracking via monthly reports.

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    Mobile e-Marketing

    SMS Text Messaging campaigns can be highly effective whether your enterprise is in Hospitality, Retail, Recreation, Entertainment, Travel, Professional or Personal Services, Finance, Education, Brokerage or Media, etc.

    This integrated, turnkey service communicates time sensitive messages directly to one person or to thousands of target prospects with the click of a button. Integrated SMS Text Messaging campaigns can enhance your marketing efforts, increase awareness and stimulate timely promotional initiatives.

    Advertisers who go direct to the audience with SMS Text Messaging generally expect higher response rates than with other tactics.

    Typical uses of the medium include: TxT surveys, TxT for info, TxT to Enter, Loyalty & VIP programmes, TxT to Vote, TxT for Updates, and lots more! Choose from four SMS Promo Packages that offer 250, 500, 750 or 1,000 credits.